KTU Franchise

KTU Franchise
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We offer 3 exciting business models for candidates interested in opening a single franchise or multiple franchises.

Single Unit
The single unit is for a candidate who wishes to only own and operate one franchise within their given territory.

Executive Units
The Executive Units are offered in 2 and 3 packs. This option is for candidates who wish to buy a larger, expanded territory in either 2 or 3 contiguous markets, but run them as one large franchise. We recommend these models have a retail space or a Selection Center, which has a smaller footprint.

Development Plans
The development model is when someone identifies a larger area (over 3 franchises that may or may not be contiguous) that they would like to open over a certain time period. The developer completes separate reports for each business, has separate marketing budgets, and has salespeople and crews for each unit. They would also need to have a Selection Center so they have a physical location in each area they open. We offer additional training and support for developers as they typically open a franchise every 3-6 months.